Hazards In Confined Places – What Do You Need To Know (Infograhic)

What Do You Need To Know about confined places? A confined place refers to any enclosed space that increases the chances of accidents. The places include vessels, tanks, chambers, containers and sewers, to name a few. Here’s what you should know about hazards in confined places.

  • The Basic First Aid Procedures

The Basic First Aid Procedures

First aid is crucial and makes a difference between life and death in emergencies. It’s not about saving lives either; immediate action in these situations can also prevent long term disabilities.

  • Loud Noises Can Cause Workplace Injuries

Loud Noises Can Cause Workplace Injuries

With construction and infrastructure projects hitting an all-time high in Canada, comes an increased risk of noise pollution. Not only is noise pollution bad for the surrounding environment and neighbourhoods, operating loud machinery and working on construction sites can result in noise-related injuries for workers. A research study found that there was a high fatality rate among

Shocking: Responding to Electrocution at Work

It’s not rare to find unfortunate cases of electrocution as part of workplace accidents. Be it from an electric switch, an appliance, and extension wire or power lines. In British Columbia, statistics revealed that from 2012 to 2016, 270 victims suffered short-term, long-term, and fatal injuries as a result of electrocution at work.

  • Dangerous Jobs, Deadly Injuries - First Aid

Dangerous Jobs, Deadly Injuries

Official reports conclude that almost 1000 Canadian workers die each year due to the dangerous nature of their professions. However, a new research study published in the Journal of Canadian Studies suggests that this number is highly underreported.

  • Physical Injury at Work Affect the Employee’s Mental Wellness

Physical Injury at Work Affect the Employee’s Mental Wellness

Think of your body as one machine and different areas of your body as systems that make the machine work. Even if one part of a machine is dysfunctional, the whole system fails to operate. That’s exactly what happens with our minds when we’re physically unwell.

  • Workplace Squabbles Fights and Injuries at Work

Workplace Squabbles: Fights and Injuries at Work

It’s not unusual that casual discussions take a bad turn and transform into heated arguments in the blink of an eye. It’s hard to keep your words, tone and demeanor in check when you’re so invested in a debate. The consequences can be ugly if someone gets hurt—emotionally and physically—at the end.