A Safer Vancouver

A report shows that in 2016, 904 Canadian workers died from complications related to work. These include people who have suffered from workplace accidents and those who contracted workplace related diseases.

Most of these injuries and diseases were preventable if proper care and preventive measures had been taken.

Instructions and guidelines are outlined at every workplace; yet workers find it hard to follow them. The problem might lie in a lack of habitual autopilot responses and a general ignorance with respect to safety. Workplace hazards occur as a result and there’s loss at both minor and major scales to be suffered.

On the other hand, a workforce that’s well-trained and well-aware about its safety upholds all standards. A healthier—and by extension—more productive environment is ensured. Workplace accidents are effectively prevented which adds to the overall productivity.

With first aid training, all workers are effectively trained in the skill, if needed. No time is delayed in waiting for paramedics to arrive and a worker is made self-sufficient. Basic first aid training ensures that workers are able to take care of minor injuries in a timely manner.

Why Metro Safety

Convenient and Accessible

Being placed in Vancouver, we are easy to reach and have local experience. We have a history of interactions with employees and employers in the area. It makes us better acquainted with complications that could occur in such a setting.

Flexible Timings

We are ready to work with you at a negotiable timing which suits both parties. We understand our clients’ concerns and needs, and willingly work around them.

Professional Trainers

For a decade, our trainers have provided guidance and training to workers all over Vancouver in addition to having offices in other areas. Having on board some of the best personnel in business, we have years of experience to drive you towards the safest course of option.

What We Provide

First Aid Training

We provide occupational first aid training for all three levels in addition to level 3 pro renewal, and first aid for Canadian Red Cross Standard and Emergency First Aid Trainings. Usually injuries are exacerbated in workplaces while waiting for a doctor or paramedic to arrive. With basic first aid skills on board, countless minor injuries can be checked in time before they worsen into serious complications.

Workplace Safety Courses

Our workplace safety courses include forklift operator and fall protection training, training for confined spaces, and traffic control persons training. The commonest workplace accidents occur due to falling and being struck by objects on the job. Workplace safety courses ensure that extra vigilance is not just performed but is instilled as second nature.

Workplaces that specifically involved confined spaces and/or construction have a higher risk of workplace injuries. Our trainers guide workers on how to ensure their safety in all areas under all conditions. Our measures are preventive to the effect that safety regulations are more a habit than an afterthought.

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