• How to Help Your Colleague During an Epileptic Attack

How to Help Your Colleague During an Epileptic Attack

An epileptic attack can happen anytime, anywhere. Some  of the known triggers of this kind of seizure are: stress; an overload of emotions such as anger, fear, and worry; flickering lights; lack of sleep; and many more.

  • Loud Noises Can Cause Workplace Injuries

Loud Noises Can Cause Workplace Injuries

With construction and infrastructure projects hitting an all-time high in Canada, comes an increased risk of noise pollution. Not only is noise pollution bad for the surrounding environment and neighbourhoods, operating loud machinery and working on construction sites can result in noise-related injuries for workers. A research study found that there was a high fatality rate among

  • The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Cuts and Lacerations at Work

The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Cuts and Lacerations at Work

According to the study data released by the Canadian Community Health Survey, 20% of all workplace injuries involve cuts, lacerations and soft tissue damage. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) identifies the key markers for workplace accidents and injuries. The organization points towards the lack of workplace safety procedures and protocols as the main

Responding to Angina Patient in OFA 2

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It is of the utmost importance that our students understand how to visually, and through questions, evaluate a patient with suspected cardiac conditions. In Occupational First Aid level 2 (OFA 2) we learn to recognize signs and symptoms that lead us to performing the proper critical interventions. An angina patient will start to have pain

Safety Tips

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Drowning Prevention & Water Safety Tips   Let’s face it, when that sun starts beating down from above, the last school bell rings, and the whistle blows for work, the first thought on everyone’s mind is: Get me in the water! Whether your favourite way to cool down is by swimming in a

Fast First Aid Tips for 6 Common Accidents

  From the moment your child takes his first steps, he's bound to have some tumbles. While you can't always prevent your natural-born daredevil from getting hurt, there's plenty you can do to make him feel better. We asked top doctors to share the best methods for patching up wounds, stocking a first-aid kit, and