Workplace Safety at a Premium Coquitlam Facility

Metro Safety’s first aid and workplace safety programs are conducted at a safety training facility located in Coquitlam. Catering to students and workers since 2008, we’ve built on a decade of experience in the field. Our trainers have worked with heavy equipmentoperators, educating and training them in basic first aid. Our aim is to make workers aware about potential risks and how to avoid them to prevent a disaster.

Why Workplace Safety is Important

Deaths due to complications and misgivings in the workplace are not in tens or thousands. They are in millions. 2.3 million a year, to put it in exact figures. Injuries and fatal complications stem from accidents and workplace related diseases. This might make the workplace seem like a dangerous place, but the problem lies elsewhere.

Most of these injuries and deaths are preventable, given hands-on training and proper assistance in time. Most cases suffer from a case of delayed response from waiting for paramedics. There are also cases in which improper care leads to negative consequences, and also those in which shock bars people from responding.

A workplace safety training course works to ensure that none of the above occurs at a workplace, and especially in emergency situations. Working with overcoming shock and timely response is a major part of the training. Above all, awareness about the hazards involved and the steps to be taken for prevention are important.

Our workplace safety courses include:

  • Forklift training: A comprehensive training on working around forklifts.
  • Confined space training:For heavy industry workers who work in cramped spaces.
  • Fall protection training:To prevent the risk of injuries sustained from falling.

First Aid Training

At Metro Safety, First Aid Training is made available at 3 levels, in addition to Red Cross First Aid training and certifications.

Students are better suited for level 1 while heavy industry workers require levels 2 and 3 to be adequately equipped. The risks for injuries, illnesses, and deaths are reduced through instilling in workers basic first aid training. Timely response to emergency situations is ensured in a calm, collected manner. Minor injuries are prevented from metamorphosing into major ones through quick retaliation.

We conduct tests, evaluations, and assignments to ensure that workers are skilled at the end of the training. We leave no stone unturned in the training of employees since their safety is at stake.

Ensure Productivity

Healthier employees are naturally better equipped to work and produce results. They are not bogged down by illnesses or slowed down by injuries. Absences are reduced and an overall aura of wellbeing is maintained in the workplace. No matter how industrialized the work environment, proper measures and training can make it safe. A safer workplace always ensures better productivity and healthier employees.

Contact Us

For a professional first aid training program or a workplace safety course for your employees, reach out to Metro Safety today. We work with all kinds of industries and prioritize employee safety. Our Coquitlam safety training facility can be reached at 604-521-4227.