Forklift Training

Cost -$198.00


Phase 1 – Theory forklift Training

The Instructor guides trainees through a comprehensive and interactive review of the operator workbook covering:

  • Applicable Regulations
  • Types of Forklifts
  • Main parts of a Forklift
  • Understanding Forklift Safety
  • Fuels and Batteries

Phase 2 – Forklift training Theory Evaluation

This is the Theory portion of the program which starts with a written test based on the concepts covered in the operator’s reference manuals. The test consists of ten (10) multiple choice/essay type questions. These tests are graded and returned to the forklift ticket trainees and then reviewed to ensure understanding. A minimum score of 70% is required to pass this phase of the program.

Phase 3 – Practical Forklift Training

This is the hands-on portion of the program where the trainees are shown the pre-use inspection, safe operating procedures, and parking/shut-down procedures and then given the opportunity to practice under the helpful eye of the program instructor. *Time may vary.

Phase 4 –  Forklift ticket Practical Evaluation

Forklift ticket trainees are assessed as having reached a minimum skill level and are individually evaluated using a Forklift in a reasonably challenging course (site specific). Following the evaluation, forklift ticket trainees are debriefed and given the opportunity to address any issues they may have regarding any phase of the program. Each successful trainee’s employer will receive official records and documents shortly after the end of the program. *Time may vary.

Forklift Training School

If you work in construction, heavyweight machinery probably doesn’t intimidate you—not because you have no fear, but because you know your way around it.

Driving a forklift is no different.

You may be a skilled driver, having driven a plethora of complicated vehicles. When it comes to forklifts, however, you’re required by law to attend a training school before you can get behind the wheel.

At Metro Safety Training, we value your safety, and hold a high regard for professionalism in every line of profession. This is why we offer forklift training in addition to our emergency services.

Course Dates

CourseCourse Start DateCourse End DateEvent CategoriesVenue NameRegister
July 26, 2021 – Forklift TrainingMonday, July 26 2021 @ 8:00amMonday, July 26 2021 @ 5:00pmMetro Safety Training CoquitlamRegister
February 2, 2019 – Forklift TrainingSaturday, February 2 2019 @ 8:00amSaturday, February 2 2019 @ 5:00pmMetro Safety Training CoquitlamRegister
July 21, 2018 – Forklift TrainingJuly 21, 2018 - Forklift TrainingRegister
June 23, 2018 – Forklift TrainingJune 23, 2018 - Forklift TrainingRegister
March 17, 2018 – ForkliftSaturday, March 17 2018 @ 8:30amSaturday, March 17 2018 @ 4:30pmMetro Safety Training CoquitlamRegister
April 11, 2018 – ForkliftSunday, March 11 2018 @ 8:30amSunday, March 11 2018 @ 4:30pmMetro Safety Training CoquitlamRegister
Forklift Training February 26Monday, February 26 2018 @ 8:30amMonday, February 26 2018 @ 4:30pmMetro Safety Training CoquitlamRegister
Forklift Operator Course January 20,2018Saturday, January 20 2018 @ 8:30amSaturday, January 20 2018 @ 12:30pmMetro Safety Training CoquitlamRegister
Forklift Operator TrainingSaturday, December 2 2017 @ 8:30amSaturday, December 2 2017 @ 4:30pmMetro Safety Training CoquitlamRegister
Forklift Nov-20-2016Sunday, November 20 2016 @ 8:30amSunday, November 20 2016 @ 4:30pmMetro Safety Training CoquitlamRegister