Transportation Endorsement

Patient transportation and securing procedures are a vital part of basic first aid knowledge. It enables people to safely transport injured people to medical facilities while delivering adequate first aid.

Managers are strongly advised to encourage workers to develop basic disaster management and first aid skillsets. In case of a workplace accident, they should try to transport injured patients in private vehicles. This move can backfire if the patient’s condition worsens on the way. Moreover, transporting ill and injured patients in cars or vans also poses a risk of getting into personal liability issues.

The Metro Safety Training Transportation Endorsement is a highly valuable, one-day course, designed to help candidates learn all about safe patient handling. It aims to develop pragmatic skills focused on polishing patient management and transportation techniques. This knowledge can come in handy at car collision spots, workplace accidents, and other situations wherein people may require immediate first aid and relocation to a medical facility.

Upcoming Events

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September 25, 2021 – Transportation EndorsementSaturday, September 25 2021 @ 8:30amSaturday, September 25 2021 @ 4:30pmMetro Safety Training CoquitlamRegister

What Does the Program Include?

You can sign up at Metro Safety Training to complete this short yet extremely beneficial first aid and occupational safety course in British Columbia. The course includes various modules mainly focused on patient positioning and movement skills such as:

  • Preparing the patient for an ambulance
  • Body packaging in case of fatality
  • Supine and adjacent positioning for trauma patients
  • 3/4 prone drainage skills for comfortable positioning
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • Critical Incident Stress
  • Managing critical respiratory airways
  • Reviewing patient at OFA Level 1 standard
  • Oxygen Therapy and Equipment
  • C-Spine management techniques, and more.

Eligibility to Enroll in Metro Safety Training Transportation Endorsement Course

Candidates must have a valid certificate for OFA Level 1to enroll in the transportation endorsement module. You will be provided with a certificate of completion after passing a written test and demonstrating on-site skills. The certificate’s validity will match the current OFA 1 or OFA 2 certification expiry timeline.

Why Choose Metro Safety Training

At Metro Safety Training, we teach our students to act calmly, rationally, and skilfully at the site of an accident. Our Red Cross first aid courses and occupational safety courses are available across Lower Mainland, British Columbia.

Our personal first aid courses include OFA Level 1, 2, 3, and 3 Pro Renewal along with EFA, SFA, and CPR training. We also offer a vast range of occupational safety courses such as Aerial Lift Operator Training, Fall Protection/ Competent Person Training Combo, WHMIS, among several others.

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