Fall Protection

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Who should take this class:

Workers involved with construction, heavy industry, emergency response or safety management that deal with work performed at heights above 10 ft.

(Roofers, Framers, Scaffold workers, Iron Workers, Construction Safety Officers, Site Medics)


Injuries sustained from Falling are common when working in industrial environments. This Basic/Advanced Fall Protection class is designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and abilities to recognize and mitigate Hazards related to working at heights.

In this Industry, Safety Training Course students will be able to understand the hierarchy of Fall Protection and will be shown through the use of scenarios how to come up with a Fall Protection Plan.  Our course references Part 11 of the  Occupational Health and Safety Code to educate students on what obligations they have for compliance as Workers, Supervisors, or Safety Officers. This includes when to use  Fall Protection Plans, where to find the resources to make one, and which methods of Fall Protection are preferred in specific situations.

Using the principles of “Hierarchy of Control”, students will learn the level of safety associated with Engineered Fall Protection, Fall Restraint, Fall Arrest, Controls Zones, and Safety Monitors. These are critical in selecting when and how to establish these Fall Protection systems appropriately. Additionally, the course will introduce the dangers of suspension trauma, define and illustrate swing fall hazards, and review the importance of safe use storage and documentation of equipment, regular safety inspections on equipment, and how to properly don and doff safety harnesses.

Students will learn the minimum safety strength ratings of Fall Protection equipment such as anchors and anchorages, guardrails, carabiners and snap hooks, lanyards and shock absorbers, rope grabs, and safety lifelines.

The Fundamentals of Fall Protection Training

Fall Protection Training is a crucial component of safety planning for all industrial workers—be they iron workers, roofers, safety officers or scaffold workers.

Anyone who works at heights, 10 feet above the ground, is required—by default—to adhere to strict safety procedures to avoid fatal injuries.

At Metro Safety Training, your safety is our concern—which is why our certified trainers provide fall protection inspection training to help you avoid near-death accidents.

We’re located in Coquitlam, British Columbia, accessible to workers in Vancouver as well as Fraser Valley.

Give us a call and turn your workplace into a truly safe environment!

In addition to a request for a more advanced Fall Protection course, these practical skills will be included.

In the practical component of this course students will receive hands-on experience performing the following skill proficiencies:

  • Donning and Doffing harnesses
  • Inspecting equipment
  • Experiencing full suspension in harness
  • Methods of suspension relief
  • Filling/Reviewing documentation (Fall Protection Plans & Equipment Logs)

Please call our office for details or to schedule a course 604-521-4227

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