Say Good Bye to Workplace Injuries in Burnaby

Workplace safety is becoming a matter of increasing concern, specifically in the heavy machinery industries. Labours working around ship building, welding, plumbing, and confined workplace areas often sustain injuries and illnesses. Completely preventable at times, in most cases, the injuries are worsened due to a lack of timely responses.

2.78 million people die every year due to work related injuries in the world. In addition to deaths and fatal injuries, 374 million illnesses and other injuries (not fatal) are reported. The numbers are alarming in the tragic loss of human life that they denote. Companies end up losing some of their best workers due to a slight lapse of concentration and to preventable complications.

For this reason, many firms in Burnaby turn to Metro Safety and ensure that their workers are well-equipped to take care of themselves.

Whether it’s a minor cut or laceration, or a major complication such as wanting CPR, Metro Safety covers all ground. This is to ensure that no time is wasted in waiting for paramedics to arrive on site. Quick, professional, and effective relief helps prevent major losses and saves lives.

What Our Clients Gain

We have been operating and providing training since 2008, and our professionals have accumulated years of experience. We have ensured that through our courses and highly effective training programs companies have much to gain. Some of the biggest benefits include:

Healthier Workplace

With workers on board who are aware of the risks around them, they are better prepared for preventive measures. They sustain fewer injuries and suffer from fewer illnesses. In the case of complications, they ensure quick response and relief. As a result, the workplace is genuinely healthier, there are fewer leaves of absence, and the productivity levels soar.

Employee Morale

Once workers realize that their employer cares about their safety and does not treat them as tools, their morale is boosted. They are more sincere and interested in their jobs, and work with more vigour. They come to work willingly and are not lax in their duties. It ensures a symbiotic, healthy employee-worker relationship.


By preventing injuries and illnesses, companies also ensure a reduction in property damage. Through a healthier workforce, more productivity, and fewer damages, companies give their profits a boost. The preventive safety courses also ensure that the company does not have to spend in medical compensation.

Trust in the Workplace

When a severe injury or death occurs with one employee, a sense of panic is created in the workplace. Workers are generally wary; there’s an overall drop in their morale.

Through awareness and safety courses, they are less likely to face such a situation. Additionally, a first aid course gives them a boost in their confidence: come what may, they are equipped to deal with it.

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