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The most common accidents in a workplace are caused by slip and falls, being struck by an object, being electrocuted, among other. Hazards in the workplace is a reality and is especially common in construction-related jobs. Not only does the business suffer, but there is a general loss of human life which could have been saved.

Metro Safety understands the risks involved with a lack of first aid skill and knowledge in a team. In particularly perilous workplaces, such as construction services, it becomes imperative that all workers be trained. Their first aid, even if the most basic, enables them to take care of minor injuries on their own. We also focus on trainings and courses that go beyond the most basic to ensure maximum safety.

Metro Safety’s First Aid CoursesIn Richmond

From basic to advanced, we have courses designed for all levels which are conducted by experienced professionals and practitioners. First aid training is not exclusive to nurses and medical practitioners, and is extremely helpful in unexpected, precarious situations.

At Metro Safety, three levels of first aid training are covered:

Level 1

Level 1 is for students in response to emergency situations. It focuses on minimizing potential hazards and a calm approach towards tackling the situation.

Level 2

Level 2 is more extensive and more advanced, with homework assignments, tests, and physical evaluations involved. It equips a worker fully to perform all emergency first aid practices and makes them a better critical intervener.

Level 3

Level 3 is designed specifically for the workplace and enables workers to respond to necessary first aid requirements. Tests, assignments, and physical evaluations are a mandatory part of the course and candidates who are successful obtain a certificate.

Workplace Safety Courses

In addition to first aid basics and certifications, we also have courses specifically designed for workplace safety which include forklift training, fall protection training, and more. We believe that prevention is better than cure, and thus guide workers towards taking better care of themselves.

Our Mission

We aim to equip your team of workers with the skill and knowledge that allows them to operate safely and more productively. Through identification, reporting, and tackling of potential hazards, your workers become an active member of your team. They are actively engaged with promoting welfare and safety.

How it Helps

Risks are eliminated, and lives are saved through awareness. Minor injuries are treated on the spot. Major complications are avoided by quick response to emergency situations. We prioritize the safety of your worker, and train them to be self-sufficient in this regard. Through awareness, workers learn to prioritize their safety and adopt a more vigilant approach to working. As a result, not only are workplace injuries avoided but so are workplace-related diseases.

Both the worker and the employer benefit from workplace safety training.

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