• Why Parents Should Take First-Aid Training Course

Protecting Your Children – Why Parents Should Take First-Aid Training Course

“Safety means first aid to the uninjured” According to the Canadian Paediatric Society, majority of child and youth injuries are preventable. According to a 2008 report by the World Health Organization, about 950,000 children aged 17 and under were killed by an injury in 2004, and 87% of these were due to unintentional and potentially

Why First Aid Training Is Important

First aid training is important for various reasons and few of them are listed below: It increase safety It helps save lives Helps relieve pain makes people feel secure Prevent situation from worsening Why First Aid Training Is Important

  • 5 Common Fall Hazards You Need To Be Aware Of

5 Common Fall Hazards You Need To Be Aware Of

Identifying potential fall hazards in a workplace is a crucial part of any work safety plan. While keeping safety equipment on site is important, being safe from the dangers of trips and falls altogether is the right of every employee in your workplace.

Cautionary Customs: Preventing Slip, Trips and Falls At Your Workplace

Slip and fall injuries are increasing in numbers. In Canada, over 40,000 employees are injured every year due to these accidents. According to the 2011 statistics by Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards, these accidents represent as many as 17% of ‘time-loss injuries’ accepted by commissions and compensation boards across the country.

  • First Aid Training Courses BC

First Aid Training: How It Benefits You

Picture yourself on a vacation with your family and suddenly trouble strikes. Let’s say that someone starts choking. It’s time you call a medical professional but there’s no one in the vicinity!

The Importance Of Knowing CPR – Learn The Basics

You begin by saving one person at a time… This is life, all else is romanticism, grandiose, or politics – Charles Bukowski Do you know how to save a life? What will you do if a child or an old person went into cardiac arrest, in your presence? Would you panic if that person was