Since construction workers and window cleaners often work at elevated platforms, at times hundreds of feet above, they are always at the risks of injuries.

In fact,  liability charges, civil claims, delays in work and negative work morale are all common in this these industries.

With more than 241,000 workers injured due to workplace accidents each year, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) reports that construction accidents and falling from height continue to be a serious problem for workers in Canada.

Here are a few types of accidents common in environments where employees need to work at heights:

Fall From A Bamboo Scaffold

Climbing a scaffold made out of bamboo is a risky job, especially while working at a busy construction site.

Many construction workers have lost their footing, slipped and fallen from raised structural platforms. This is also the reason why there’s so much focus on fall protection measures and protective gear like hard hats on construction sites.

Fall From A Tubular Scaffold

Fall Through A Shabby Roof

Many construction workers have also fallen to their deaths and others left with life altering injuries due to shabby roofs made out of asbestos.

While repairing older roofs, workers should use elevated working platforms that don’t weigh down the roofing structure.

Truck mounted cranes and platforms are ideal to repair older roofs since these platforms can be maneuvered easily.

Fall From A Tubular Scaffold

An exterior tubular scaffold made from tube steel is typically used on construction sites and is assembled by workers. Workers are at risk while erecting the tubular scaffold if it isn’t secured with proper out-riggers.

To avoid risks of injuries, workers should be trained in the art of raising a tubular scaffold under the supervision of trained staff and supervising authorities.

Fall From A Tilted Workstation

Industrial window cleaners usually use suspended workstations that hold their weight and allow them to clean windows of sky-high buildings.

Faulty anti-tilt devices cause suspended platforms to tilt at dangerous angles, leading to accidents. This is also the why window cleaners wear safety harnesses.

Fall From An A-Ladder

Falling from unsafe ladders could result in serious head injuries that could turn fatal as well. Workers installing ceiling and light fixtures need to be carefully inspect ladders before climbing to minimize risks of injuries.

Fall From Building Edge

An unfenced floor edge could cause a worker to stumble and fall. Working on a building under construction calls for security measures to be put in place in case of an accident.

Fall From A Tree

Workers are also at risk of falling while pruning trees. However, they can be subject to serious injuries if they fall while operating tools like power chainsaws. The best way to avoid injuries while pruning trees is to use independent, elevated platforms instead of relying on tree branches for support.

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