Accidents pose a serious threat to your safety and that of your family. Falls were the leading cause of injury in Canada—with 63% of seniors, one-half of adolescents, and 35% of working-age adults injured in falls.

According to the Canadian Transportation Safety Board, 160,000 car accidents occur every year in Canada—2,800 to 2,900 result in deaths.

This can be devastating leaving permanent marks.

When families go through first aid trainings together, they are taught to identify, appreciate, handle, and take measures during an emergency.

Metro Safety’s emergency first aid course level 2 entails CPR training, wound, fracture and burn management. It also covers providing care to eye injuries and environmental illnesses. These skills are important to learn for every member of the household so that they feel empowered enough to make quick decisions during emergencies.

Following are some benefits of a family getting trained for first aid together:

Keep Granny Safe

If a senior family member experiences symptoms of cardiac arrest or an injury that their weak bodies cannot sustain, providing first aid becomes a necessity to save their life.

Ensuring that you and your kids know how to perform CPR or care for a fracture until the paramedics arrive can be incredibly beneficial for older people.

Keep Siblings Safe

Kids are curious. They don’t mind some rough playing. Injuries may be a common part of their life.

Training children in first aid will allow them to identify hazards associated with the play and to take the necessary action in the event of an emergency like nose bleeds, falls, fractures, car accidents, allergies, asthma, etc.

Keep Siblings Safe

Keep Parents Safe

Here’s a case from some years ago when one kid in the U.S. called 911 when his mom began to have a seizure.

If a parent collapses due to a diagnosed or undiagnosed health concern, children are required to be able to make quick decisions that could save their life.

Families should be co-dependent on one another. The onus of saving a life cannot lie only on one family member’s shoulders. In order to look out for each other during emergency situations, it is important that all members of a household undergo first aid training together.

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