There are certain jobs that put the safety of an individual more at risk than other jobs. As an employee, knowing that your job has an element of risk involved can be particularly unsettling. That’s where the employer should come in as it’s their responsibility to look for ways to create a safer workplace consistently.

The government of Canada deserves credit for enforcing stricter safety regulations that have helped reduced injury fatalities all over the country. In light of this information, let’s look at three of the most hazardous jobs in the world.

Truck drivers

You may be surprised to learn that truck driving is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Although driving of any kind has a certain degree of risk involved, truck driving, in particular, is a dangerous job because it involves driving for long periods, often in tough conditions.

This puts them highly at risk of traffic accidents, especially in winter, when the roads are slippery due to snow and ice. As most of the driving is done at relatively high speeds on the highway, it’s essential that adequate safety protocols are in place to protect the driver from harm.

Construction workers


When it comes to hazardous jobs, you’d be hard-pressed to find a profession that is more gruelling and riskier than the job of construction workers. That’s mostly because unlike other professions that pose a single threat to your safety, there are multiple ways you can get injured on a construction site.

Whether it’s getting struck by objects such as debris to falling from great heights due to faulty equipment, construction work is an unrelenting profession that presents a unique set of risks. Therefore, it’s vital that employers prioritize the safety of their team and constantly update safety protocols.


When you consider that nearly 180,000 workplace fatalities occur all over the world in agriculture, it’s safe to say that farming has a high degree of risk involved. Due to the dangerous equipment that’s regularly used to harvest and move crops, farmers are routinely at risk of being injured severely.

Sharp blades are used to strip the cob, and one wrong move can result in an injury that requires a long recovery time. Farming is also an extremely exhausting job, and even the introduction of new technology hasn’t helped in making it any safer.

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