Accidents can happen at any time, especially in the workplace. According to statistics, 905 workplace deaths were reported in Canada back in the year 2016.

First aid can be the difference between life and death in such situations. This is also the reason the authorities in Canada introduced the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act. Here is a look at what this act says about first aid:

The First Aid Station

first aid kit

According to this act, there are certain items that need to be present at the first aid station at all times. The station should contain a first aid box along with a notice board, which contains the first aid certifications.

The board should provide details regarding inspections that have been conducted in the past by the authorities.

The act also states that a person who is always in close proximity to the station should handle it. The person should also have knowledge on how to handle first aid.

It is also essential that the first aid station is located in an easily accessible spot, and the box should be large enough that all the items that it consists of are visible in plain sight.

The act also requires the company owners to conduct quarterly inspections in order to make sure that the first aid box has all the items that might be required in case of an emergency.

What Are The First Aid Requirements?

According to the act, any business with more than five employees in a single shift needs to have a first aid box and station.

The box should have the latest edition of the St John Ambulance manual. It also needs to have a card of safety pins and dressings.

The First Aid Room

Companies, which have more than two hundred employees, need to provide a separate first aid room. This room should consist of the first aid manual along with all the necessary first aid tools that include:

  • Scissors for dressing wounds
  • Safety pins
  • Glass, which is used for medicinal purposes.

The company owners also need to make sure that either a nurse or a person who has knowledge regarding first aid manages the room.

Another thing that companies can do in order to make sure, that they can handle all medical emergencies is provide first aid training to their employees.

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