According to a 2018 to 2018 survey research, on an average, up to 19 cases of warehouses fatalities are reported every year. Because of the rise in the number of warehouse accidents, the workers’ safety has become a significant concern for businesses that heavily rely on warehousing.

The good news is, warehouse injuries and deaths are preventable. If you are a warehouse manager worried about your workforce safety, this blog will help you out.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some safety measures that can lower (if not eliminate) the risk of accidents in your warehouse.

Workers Should Wear Proper Safety Gear

It’s critical to use safety gear and other equipment while working with warehousing tools and machines, such as forklifts, cranes, and hydraulic lifts. Add this rule to your Standard Operating Procedures (if you haven’t already), and make sure everyone abides by it.

Remove Potential Threats to Safety

Slippery floors, sharp edges, spilled oil, dirty and rusty equipment, damaged racks, falling objects, moving machinery (such as forklifts), and exposure to harmful substances (Asbestos/lead/silica) are some examples of safety hazards that may lead to warehouse accidents. It’s also critical that your employees ensure proper upkeep, cleanliness, and maintenance in the warehouse. Conduct regular inspections on any unprotected electric wiring, stray cords, rust, accumulated waste material in the facility, spilled liquids, damaged flooring, etc. All of these can contribute to severe injuries and property damage.

Train Your Employees for Their Protection

If you want to boost your employees’ safety, you need to provide them with proper workplace safety training. These courses equip employees with theoretical and practical knowledge about handling equipment, tools, and harmful substance safely. Through workplace safety training, your warehouse staff will be able to keep themselves protected and productive.

Provide First Aid Training

Many minor injuries can be prevented from turning into severe medical emergencies if first aid is provided on time. For instance, if a severe forklift accident occurs in your warehouse, an employee with first aid training may be able to save the operator’s life because of a fast response. A quick, confident, and prepared response will also decrease the injury recovery time, leading to more warehouse productivity.

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