Emergencies in the workplace can result in injuries, loss of life, and property damage. Companies need to prepare as much as possible to face such emergencies and often spend a significant amount on making their premises as safe as possible.

An emergency kit for the office is therefore essential. We’ve compiled a list of some important items that need to be part of this kit:

Safety goggles

While safety goggles are used in industrial-level workplaces, office-based ones don’t require it regularly. Safety goggles are effective when helping out someone who’s trapped. They protect the eyes from fire, dust, debris.

Leather palmed gloves

When dealing with a fire, in particular, leather palmed gloves are very useful. They prevent burns while trying to escape an area on fire and can help you reach someone who is trapped in a fire.

Dust masks

Emergencies like fires in the office space, a major accident on the premises, or collapse of a portion of the building can cause dust and debris to spread. This results in breathing problems, which can cause employees to become unconscious. Dust masks help keep everyone safe from fumes and inhaling dust.

First aid kit

First aid kit

Medical emergencies in the workplace call for an extensive first aid kit. This first aid kit must include pain killers, blood thinners, bandages, sterile gloves, gauze, antiseptic cream, treatment for burns, etc. In addition to all the components of a first aid kit, employees must also know the measures to take in emergencies to prevent further damage. First aid training provides all the necessary knowledge to take charge of such situations until medical professionals arrive at the scene.


Blankets come in handy in case of emergencies. It helps keep people warm if they are stranded and prevent injuries when escaping a fire.



Flashlights are ideal, especially when there’s a power outage on the premises, employees need to find their way out in the dark, a rescue mission is underway, or you need to catch the attention of passersby for help. Always have ample flashlights and extra batteries on hand.

Emergencies in the workplace can occur at any place, at any time. The right tools and knowledge can help save lives. First aid training should be a mandatory health and safety procedure at your organization.

It can prevent injuries and fatalities caused by accidents in the workplace. Metro Safety Training provides all kinds of first aid training courses in BC, which includes Standard First Aid, Emergency First Aid, Occupational First Aid, and much more. Contact 604-521-4227 for more information about our courses.