Whether you work in an office setting or on a construction site, there is always a need for the know-how of basic first aid.

While the risk of injury may differ for different occupations, knowing how to react in a dire situation can come in quite handy in the workplace. There are a host of reasons why mandatory first aid training for your employees could serve to be quite the beneficial decision in the long run!

Handling an Emergency

Anything can go wrong at anytime, anywhere. When such a thing occurs, most people tend to react with shock, fear, and confusion. However, with the basics of first aid under their belt, your employees will be much better equipped to deal with such situations with a clear mind and considerable level-headedness. It will give them a confidence that will extend outside the boundaries of the workplace!

Proper First Aid Knowledge

So you’ve got the office stocked with first aid kits, but does anyone know what goes on in there? These courses will give them a clear idea of what such a kit contains, or what it should contain, and give them the knowledge and skills needed to use these items effectively and efficiently.

Minimizes Hazards and Incidents

Undergoing such a training course can help employees become much more aware of their surroundings and behaviors, allowing them to pinpoint potential hazards with ease. This consciousness of potential risk can greatly lend itself towards preventing incidents at the workplace.

Saving Lives

One of the main reasons to get such training, is of course, the ability to prevent someone from losing their life.

While you may think first aid may not do much, quick action once someone is harmed in any way can stop their condition from worsening as well as serving to reduce their recovery time.


If you’re considering investing in training your staff for emergency situations, then we at Metro Safety provide occupational first aid courses, as well as other safety training programs that are tailor-made for different working environments.

We are one of the top First Aid Training Schools in BC, Canada! We offer First Aid Learning Courses, starting from Level 1 and all the way up to Pro Level 3. In addition to that, we also provide specific occupations with safety courses such as Fall Protection Training and Confined Space Training. Contact us at 604-521-4227 for more information!