First aid training is extremely important for both employees and employers. In many situations, providing basic first aid can even save a life. First aid training will enable you to treat your child or a loved one in case of a minor injury without getting overwhelmed.

To respond to an emergency situation quickly, you need to be able to recognize the illness first and first-aid training will help you with that. Canadian law requires that anyone providing initial first aid must be certified. This is because an untrained person who wants to help might cause more harm than good to the affected person.

To fulfill the legal and moral obligations, many employers are now providing first aid training to their workforce. But some questions still remain: When are they required to renew their training? When does the certification expire? How long will the certification last?

Why to Go for First Aid Recertification?

First aid renewal allows you to polish your skills, and get familiar with the latest techniques, and first aid equipment. It refreshes what you learnt years back in your first aid training, so that you’re better able to respond in an emergency situation.

Who Can Obtain Recertification?

Only individuals who are the holders of standard first aid training certification are eligible to take first aid renewal classes. Individuals whose previous certifications are near to get expired, but are still valid are allowed to apply for a recertification.

How First Aid Renewal Works


To renew your certification, you can either get yourself enrolled in an in-person class at a safety training facility in your locality, or register for a learning course online, and then complete a first-aid training session in person. Registering for a course will not only make you recall the past learning, but it will also help you upgrade your first aid skills.

When Does the Training Need to Be Renewed?

Most first-aid certifications are valid for up to three years. Some first aid trainers, however, may have higher standards and their certificates may only be valid for a period of two years.

For a recertification, you will be required to complete a training course before the standard first aid certificate expires. In case you renewed your standard certificate once already, you will have to obtain another certificate from an approved provider after your renewed certificate has expired and is no longer valid.

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