As a first aid provider on the scene of a workplace accident, your assistance can save the lives of your colleagues. Moreover, if you choose to become a first aider, you can also develop critical thinking skills. These skills will be beneficial for you as an individual and the company you’re working for.

Following the first aid training, there are multiple skills and benefits you can bring to the table when you get trained in emergency response and first aid.

Team Building 

Participating in first aid training is a good team building exercise. You will be able to crack down difficult scenarios at your workplace as a team. The morale and productivity depend on how well connected you are to each other. Moreover, identifying individual skill sets and understanding what capabilities each colleague brings to the table can also be fruitful for the task you are assigned.

Medical Emergencies

Companies are required to conduct first aid trainings but they’re always periodic. Any new employee will not be aware of first aid protocols in case of an incident that requires first aid attention. You can help them navigate the situation. Or be assistance to them if they are the ones in need of first aid.

Moreover, workplace hazards can happen anytime. Your knowledge of first aid will be an asset for the company helping them save lives and valuable resources.

Day-to-Day Emergencies 

It is common for someone to slip or experience cardiac arrest while on the job. Cardiac arrest is a common cause of death in Canada. Each year, 62,000 strokes occur in Canada. If they don’t receive the right medical attention immediately, it could have a devastating impact. They will need CPR. Having undergone training, you could be the one performing CPR and saving their life!

The experts at Metro Safety are certified to train individuals and workforces in British Columbia, Canada for first aid trainings. The trainings will end in all the successful participants being certified from Canadian Red Cross and Metro Safety.

If you’re an employee of an organization, speak with your management to prioritize First aid training to create a safe workspace for all employees. Take the step for a more prepared you! Get in touch with us for first aid trainings at your workplace.