A Traffic Control Person’s (TCP) job seems relatively easy, right? Well, you’d be wrong. Possession of so much authority requires them to go through training and proper education to be fit for the job. Handling so many things at once requires a fair bit of competency.

The pressure gets hotter around the work zones, as you need to make sure both the workers and motorists are moving along on their ways smoothly. Certified Traffic Control Person training is required to work in the field. Here are some of the authorities that TCPs have.

Safely Direct Traffic

One of the main factors to keep in mind is that workers’ safety is as important as the safety of the motorists. As a TCP, you have the information on the area’s layout, and you must guide the motorists safe from the construction area. This will require you to either stop them, slow them down or steer them away on detours if present.

Communicating with Others

Traffic Controllers need to be well versed in communication by gestures and codes. At times, there is minimal verbal interaction as there is by hand movements. Using radio and hand signals, they can communicate with other people from a distance and contact higher-ups. The ever-elusive STOP sign will also be at their disposal for when need be. All of these allow TCPs to operate over a large area.

Ensuring Work Continues

A TCP is a critical authority in making sure work continues appropriately. Often, there is no detour, and traffic must pass by the construction area. The Traffic Controller keeps an eye on passing by vehicles that there is no obstruction for workers, and work continues as per routine. Collisions between motorists and the workers are also a threat, so sharp wittedness will be a must on the job.

Maintain Traffic Flow

Cars are bound to come to a halt now and then when there’s a diversion, but a TCP’s responsibility ensures minimal deadlocks. Lines of vehicles can stretch across several blocks, causing a traffic jam. It is a nuisance for not only the drivers, but the one controlling the traffic, and can be frustrating to resolve. The Controller must stay quick on their feet to keep the flow of traffic flowing smoothly without any hiccups.

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