When you have toddlers in the house, safety becomes imperative. This is because you have to protect your child from all sorts of potential dangers, and take precautionary measures to that end.

However, despite all your efforts, you will falter at some point. This is why getting trained in basic first aid is so important; it prevents a bad situation from worsening.

Let’s look at some things you can do to save your child!


If your child is choking, let them continue to cough until the foreign object gets expelled from their windpipe. Don’t hit your children on the back or try to retrieve the object, as that can push it further down the airway.

However, if your child loses their ability to make noise, then it’s time to call 911 for support. Meanwhile, use your first aid training to perform some basic first aid procedures or CPR, if required. This includes the Heimlich Manoeuvre. CPR will be a necessity if your child faints.

Minor Scrapes

If your child gets ay cuts or scrapes, disinfect your hands and then treat the open wound. If it is bleeding, elevate it and gently apply pressure with the help of a sterile gauze. Once the bleeding stops, rinse away any debris, and apply antiseptic and over it. Cover it up with an adhesive bandage to keep it safe from dirt and bacteria.

Get it checked by a doctor if it starts swelling or releasing pus!


Bloody Nose

You need to pinch the child’s nostrils with your index finger and thumb to close them for a good five to ten minutes. Then, straighten up their back, lean forward and breathe from the mouth. If it still doesn’t stop, get medical help!

Sprains and Strains

Follow the RICE approach if your child gets a muscle or ligament tear. This means letting them rest their injured joint and staying away from heavy objects. Ice it for a good 10 minutes every hour to reduce the swelling, cover it with a compressed sleeve and elevate the injured body part.

If this doesn’t work, call 911 right away!

In order to get equipped with these techniques and protect your child from dangerous situations, enrol in our first aid training courses offered across British Columbia. Baby-proof your house and put certain precautionary measures in place so that you can keep your child safe!

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