We’ve launched new reward programs to save you hundreds, even thousands on your workforce training budgets, and made getting the best safety training in the industry even easier. Here’s what we’ve been up to!

  • Introducing the new POINT SYSTEM: We’re going to reward you for everything! 1 point for every dollar spent! plus more…
    1. 40 points for signing up for an account (
    2.  100 Points for reviews on Facebook or Twitter
    3. 50 for reviews on our site (
    4. 75 for reviews on Google plus
    5. 125 for reviews on Yelp
    6. PLUS: Top Student for each course will receive 400 points
    7. Receive points for past courses taken within 1 year (proof of purchase required)
    8. New First aid Online Store to reorder supplies.* use your points earned to save on both product and additional registrations(** Point Not Awarded for Discounted Courses)
    9. Earn points for perfect marks on the test as well as for in-class participation!
    10. Earn double the points for specially marked courses!


  • We’ve added a new “Online Course Management System” to manage your out of class homework and assignments easily! Try the practice test to put your mind at ease.
  • Our new registration system makes getting you signed up and into the classroom a breeze!
  • Have a question? Need help at home? No problem! We added a live chat assist. Get the answers you need when you need them!
  • Our new training video achieve gives you access to all the tools you need to be successful and ace your exam!
  • We’re even going to email or text you to let you know your ticket renewal is upcoming. We have you covered!
  • WE HAVE A JOB BOARD IN THE WORKS. This will allow you to take those skills and put them to work in the real world as soon as possible!


Join the Metro Safety family…. Give us a call today. We’re going to get you there!