Workplace falls are more common than you’d think, especially if you’re working at a warehouse or in the construction sector. In fact, 40,000 workers get injured in Canada annually from falls. Construction and manufacturing companies often conduct training for fall safety and prevention. While in-depth training modules to prevent and provide first aid after falls are important for all workers, it’s important to know what kinds of falls can happen and how, in order to prevent them.

Falls from Ladders

Ladders are used in most industrial environments, especially construction. However, a common workplace injury is a fall from a ladder. This can be because of a number of reasons. The floor might not be even or it might have objects lying around that can destabilize the ladder. The ladder itself may not be even. If it wobbles, it can make the user fall. The user of the ladder may also be unfamiliar with how to use a ladder safely, which can cause the fall.

Falls to Another Level

Workers who are working in incomplete buildings should be harnessed when working at a height of 3 meters or more from the ground, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations by WorkSafe BC.

Falls can happen from a height when workers are not trained to properly secure themselves to a harness. They can also happen when the equipment isn’t working properly and has not been inspected.

Falls by Uneven and Slippery Surfaces

Falls can also happen when walking surfaces aren’t made to be safe. This is an unfortunate hazard of worksites because many operations at worksites can lead to slips and falls. Construction, tiling and polishing can lead to floors being uneven, slippery or uneven. A bad fall because of slipping or tripping can lead to sprained muscles but also fractures, and in extreme cases, head injuries.

Making Workplaces Safe

Making workplaces safe is simply about knowing how to spot situations where falls can occur and rectifying them. In order to achieve a safe workplace, all workers should receive fall protection inspection training. Metro Safety, in partnership with the Canadian Red Cross, provides first aid training with occupational first aid courses designed for industrial workers. Contact us at 604-521-4227 or visit our website to find out about our courses in BC!