First aid kits are a requirement in all Canadian jurisdictions. They contain the necessary equipment to deal with any injury or accident that can happen.

Not having necessary facilities such as an adequate first aid provision puts the wrong impression on employees and outsiders. Firstly, it sets a sense of fear that accidents will not be dealt with appropriately or timely. This can be harmful to current employee morale.

It also portrays the company’s image as negligent and careless, putting off potential stakeholders and candidates for employment. Apart from setting up first aid provisions, you should also consider workplace safety courses and training for your employees. Attendants and experts must be appointed to maintain the kit and operate it when need be. Here are a few safety hazards that can occur if first aid provisions are adequate.

Inability To Deal With Minor Injuries

Often, the harm that happens is not severe but requires immediate remediation. Employers are legally liable for both employees and non-employees affected in the workplace. First aid kits contain several utilities such as ice packs, gauze and adhesive bandages for minor injuries.

This can reduce employee downtime, and rather than go to a clinic for a short run, the issue can be solved in the office.

Person getting their foot wrapped in a bandage

Worsening Of An Injury

The lack of first aid provision can make matters worse for the one injured. In several cases, the severity of the injury can be limited by providing first aid immediately. The longer it takes for paramedics or any medical expert to attend to an injury, the chances are, the more the damage can occur.

With basic first aid training, fellow employees can use the materials in a properly kitted first aid box to deal with the typical workplace accidents.

Death Due To Negligence

1000 people every year lose their lives to work-related causes. It can be said without exaggeration that any form of negligence in safety can lead to an employee’s death. Some industries are more susceptible to this than others, but unforeseen circumstances can bring on devastating results.

Your employees are the backbone of your company, and their safety should be on the highest of priorities. It is in the best interest of your employees and your company to ensure that adequate healthcare facilities and first aid provisions are available. Metro Safety Training provides Red Cross Basic Life Support and First Aid Courses. Reach out to us.