Safety Training in Surrey

A worker gets injured on their job every 7 seconds. From tears to cuts and lacerations, most injuries are preventable. Through a simple workplace safety course or a first aid training,workers can be made self-sufficient. They effectively prevent injuries from occurring, and in the case of their occurrence, are well-equipped to tackle them.

Metro Safety believes that success of a company lies in the safety and wellbeing of its workers. Our past experiences with various firms prove that there’s a direction between employee safety and business growth.

Why is Workplace Safety Important?

Workplace Safety is so much more than a buzzword. It’s not an option—it’s imperative, for these reasons:

  • Injury

Injuries and wounds suffered while on the job are some of the commonest complaints among workers. An injured worker is not fit enough for work and might even suffer long term issues.

  • Death

Some workplace injuries are actually fatal and have a devastating effect on the company. They lessen employee morale and bring bad rep to the firm at large.

  • Losses

The company might have to pay the injured worker some medical compensation or lose a seasoned worker, resulting in losses.

  • Damages

Many accidents result in damage to the property which is never in favor of a company.

  • Productivity

Injured and scared workers are less productive which has adverse overall impacts on the firm.

  • Quality Service

When workers feel cared for, they’re more engaged at work. It also enhances loyalty and reduces employee turnover.

  • Reputation Building

Your concern for your employees may make you an industry leader.

Who We Cater

Our courses and training sessions are designed for workers in all fields and industries. A majority of our clients are from the following industries:

  • Heavy equipment
  • Construction
  • Confined spaces
  • Welders
  • Boilers
  • Piping and plumbing arenas
  • Ship building firms
  • Site medics

What We Offer

First aid courses which cover levels 1, 2, and 3; Red Cross First Aid training, workplace safety courses and certifications. Students and workers or their supervisors can elect which course suits their needs.

Workers belonging to heavy industries and confined spaces require the most hands-on experience. We conduct tests, assignments, and evaluations at higher levels.

The criterion for eligibility is a minimum age of 16 and the physical fitness required for basic training. The training is conducted in a safe training facility well equipped to teach workers the necessary skills. There is a strict passing requirement to ensure that all workers are trained in the best manner possible. Our dedicated trainers work closely with employees and encourage awareness among them. This ensures a heightened consciousness about their own health and wellbeing, which is beneficial for your company.

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