A recent study showed that work-related fatalities in Canada are 10 times more severe than what authorities would have you believe. In fact, over 20 out of every 100,000 workers meet their end on construction sites alone. So whether you’ve worked around heights all your life or it’s your first day, your safety should be the first priority.

Therefore, you should sign up for reliable fall protection safety classes as soon as possible, and in the meantime, go through this guide to help correct your attitude on high altitudes:

Guard Rails

Installing railings across your construction site is the easiest way of ensuring worker safety; their presence alone alerts workers of the danger ahead, keeping them cautious at all times.

How Do You Get Up?

Your means of getting to great heights also determine how safe you are around heights. Make sure you opt for the ideal option based on the type of work you’re involved in. For instance, when working with electrical boards and poles, it’s smart to invest in a wooden ladder because wood is an insulator and therefore, you won’t be vulnerable to shock induced falls.

Wear a Harness to Remain Harm-Less

Wear a Harness to Remain Harm-Less

If you’d rather use Personal Fall Arrest Systems, it pays to invest in a good harness. A quality harness is fire-proof and made to an arc-safe design. However, if you’re welding at high altitudes, nylon harnesses won’t cut it. Invest in Kevlar for better safety.

As an employer, you might be tempted to go the inexpensive route and buy uncomfortable harnesses for your workforce; but remember, your workers’ job satisfaction is the most significant factor that affects their productivity. So spend that extra cash to ensure your workers’ safety and satisfaction!

Don’t Miss the Train!

You might think your harness and quick cognitive skills make you invincible to falls. But the reality is that you need fall protection training. Without proper training a minor error in judgement can cost you your life. So there’s no way around it.

Moreover, it’s required by the law to be fully trained before engaging in dangerous jobs. Not to forget, it’s your civic duty as a responsible member of our community to get proper training in fall protection; because an error here and a slip there can become the end of you!

Therefore, sign up for our fall protection training courses across British Columbia. And if you’re an employer concerned about your workers’ wellbeing and safety, contact us now to arrange for a safety training class!