Hazardous Materials for the Industry Worker

(includes TDG and WHMIS Certificates)

Cost: $200 per student

Corporate Group Rates

Class Duration: 8 Hours

Who should take this class:

Workers involved with heavy industry, emergency responders, safety management that deal with workplace chemicals, transport drivers, or anyone using or handling controlled chemicals.



When dealing with products that pose a hazard to worker health, it is vital to ensure that safe methods are used in all work associated with the use of these products.  The Hazardous Materials for the Industry Worker course is designed to address the safe transport, use and storage, and spill response for chemical products.

 At all sites that use or produce chemical products there is always the possibility of an inadvertent release of chemicals even with staff trained in WHMIS and TDG.  This course will train workers to properly identify the product released, initiate evacuation, call for appropriate resources, and safety contain/confine the product.

 The requirements of the Transport of Dangerous Goods Act will also be covered such as the proper documentation of controlled products, and how to read and understand Shipping Way Bills and Manifests.  In addition, students will be presented with be the safe use, handling, and storage of chemical products on work sites. Topics will include identifying the responsibilities for labelling chemicals, use of MSDS, and classification of products through the WHMIS system.

 Also covered in this course:

  • Identifying routes of exposure
  • Other systems of identification (GHS, NFPA 704)
  • Practical skills (placard identification, use of ERG, container identification)
  • Spill response scenario

Worksafe Training: Creating a Safe Working Environment

Nothing says “occupational hazard” louder than negligence.

We believe workplace safety begins with a conscious effort to spread the rules of injury prevention. We do this by offering an extensive list of emergency training programs to prepare you for unforeseen circumstances.

Our Worksafe Training Courses are designed to help a wide array of industrial workers as well as safety managers take decisive action in times of a medical emergency or crisis.

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