Making a workplace safe isn’t a process that happens overnight. It requires careful planning and effort to ensure your workplace is safe for employees and other workers. Accidents are bound to happen; what you can do is make sure there is a response mechanism to mitigate the damage and hasten recovery.

According to the National Safety Council, every seven seconds, a worker is injured on the job. These numbers are astonishing. This is why we’ve prepared three ways you can reduce this percentage and make your workplace safer.

1.     Provide First-Aid Training

Regardless of the industry your business operates in; first-aid knowledge should be an essential part of your hiring process. Employees spend at least one-third of their day at the office; therefore, the workplace environment must be safe.

First-aid training equips your employees with skills that are useful during an emergency. Skills such as CPR are essential to know if an employee goes into sudden cardiac arrests or shock. These occurrences are completely unexpected, and having employees trained in CPR can save teammates’ lives until help arrives.

Industrial and construction work experience the highest number of injuries. With workers trained in first-aid skills, you lower the risk of permanent damage to your employees and lower the number of lost workdays due to injuries.

2.     Educate Your Workers about Job-specific Regulations

Workers involved in construction work, or those dealing with heavy machinery and equipment must follow the rules outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation by WorkSafeBC.

Informing your employees about the regulations they must follow prevents reckless behavior and can decrease workplace injuries.

Educating your workers when they take up the job is an excellent way to train them while simultaneously informing them about the potential threats of their work. WorkSafeBC regularly reviews its safety requirements, and all workplaces under its jurisdiction are expected to be aware of the regulations.

3.     Hire Professional Safety Trainers

Training your employees regularly regarding workplace safety requirements is a surefire way of boosting workplace safety. While it is easier to share information verbally, providing holistic training is a better way of improving workplace safety.

Hiring professional safety trainers means you don’t have to worry about the details of the rules and regulations your employees need to abide by. The professional trainers will do that for you. And as for your team, hiring safety trainers will improve employee loyalty to your company and boost team morale!

Professional trainers like the ones at Metro Safety provide comprehensive training programs with theoretical and practical components to ensure there are no unknown threats to your employees’ safety.