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Thank you for choosing Metro Safety for your safety training. We take pride in providing the highest standards to our clients and work hard to meet your expectations. This has been my goal from day one.

Since our opening, we have had the privilege to meet so many excellent people from different backgrounds and learning abilities. Our team is committed and motivated to assist each and everyone to reach their learning goals! Our classes are filled with such diversity, so many interesting people, and stories. Yet we’re all unified by the same goal…helping others. It’s a beautiful thing and it makes coming to work every day enjoyable! Our industry is often changing and evolving. Techniques, supplies, terminology may change but the one constant I have learned to count on is the people. The motivation to help those in need. The desire to make sure our fellow workers, friends, employers and employees get home to their families safe each and every day. That never changes.
Thank you all for your continued support and loyalty. You have made my experience as Director of Training, and as an Instructor, an unforgettable one. You have motivated and inspired me to continue.”

Never stop caring,

Tommy Sangha