In 2017, there were 951 recorded fatalities due to work-related incidents in Canada, an increase of 46 from the previous year’s figures. Most incidents that occur in workplaces are preventable to some extent. If the top management of a company is determined to take care of its employees, it needs to introduce mandatory workplace safety courses.

Save Costs

The main goal of companies is to maximise profits for their shareholders. First aid training for employees aligns with this goal.

Besides the humanitarian benefits, first aid training in workplaces also makes economic sense. If employees are trained to deal with emergency situations, they’ll feel safer and will spend more time and effort for the company. If they feel like they’re undervalued, they’ll leave the organization the first chance they get.

First aid training can also save costs by reducing the rate of absenteeism in the workplace. For example, an employee might take half the day off to visit the hospital for a minor cut. But if there are trained employees who can deal with the injury right then and there, it will save the business money.

The high turnover rates lead to an increase in costs and harm the company’s bottom line in the long run.

Awareness Leads to Less Accidents and Damage Control

Accidents can be avoided if employees are more aware of first aid protocols. If an accident does occur in the workplace, trained employees will be available to take control of the situation, reducing the extent of injuries.

Training employees can teach them to remain calm in emergency situations and respond appropriately. They can also assess the damage done to the casualty and take actions that would be in accordance with the standard protocols.

First aid training will instill the confidence in employees to take action, instead of waiting for medics to arrive.

Improve Employee Morale

Feeling safe and secure is critical in determining an employee’s performance. Even according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, safety needs rank second in terms of importance.

If employees feel unsafe and are unconfident about the company’s ability to take care of them at work, their work performance will decline.

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