The human body is prone to injuries.

Imagine you’re out for a picnic and your child trips, sustaining a knee injury. Or let’s say you work at a restaurant and your colleague spills soup over his hands, suffering second-degree burns.

No matter how careful we are, emergencies occur unexpectedly.

It’s good to have basic knowledge to take care of minor or critical situation, until medical help arrives. You could save a life!

Reasons That Make First Aid And CPR Training So Important

Identifying Various Emergency Problem

Training under a certified expert will ensure you learn first aid for several emergencies. You will be able to identify the problem and know exactly which procedure needs to be carried out.

First Aid training helps you facilitate a victim in conditions such as bleeding, broken bone, chocking or poisoning. You will be able to alleviate a person’s condition and prevent death.

CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) teaches how to help someone who has trouble breathing, suffering cardiac arrest or has been in a car accident. It also teaches us how to use AED.

First Aid and CPR process is different for children, adults and infants. You can learn te specific method for each, under the supervision of an expert.

Save a Life

The right methodAccording to the American Heart Association, more than 350,000 cardiac arrests occur out of hospital. Of these, about 90 percent people die. There is no doubt you could save a life with CPR. If a person facing cardiac arrest receives immediate medical care, there is a 90 percent survival chance.

It’s up to the people surrounding the victim how to provide assistance till professional medical care teams arrive.

Using the Right Method

CPR and First Aid training teaches you to use the right method for each case. The right technique, equipment and procedure are essential after recognizing the problem.

Often times using AED is not enough. CPR may still be required. There are different techniques in CPR. It’s important to check the response and breathing of a victim, according to age.

Ensure Better Safety for Everyone by Getting First-Aid and CPR Training

A simple injury could turn into a severe medical problem. You can ensure the safety of your loved ones or people around you, with proper First-Aid and Red Cross CPR courses BC Training with Metro Safety’s course.