In Canada, more than 40,000 people are injured annually while working at heights. These incidents account for lost time injuries. They can also result in loss of life.

Falls are the common reason of death among construction workers however firefighters, painters and solar panel installers are too at risk of falling.

Although it’s not possible to stop working at heights, there are certain ways in which employers can reduce the risk of falling. They can start by implementing a fall protection training program:

Fall Protection Systems

Fall protection systems refer to safety measures that companies use in order to ensure that workers don’t lose their balance while they are working at heights. With these systems, employers reduce the risks of injuries and fatalities.

Here’s a look at some additional reasons because of which fall protection systems and training are considered to be essential:

It’s Required by the Law

There are certain standards established by the Canadian government that all employers need to follow. As per these laws, all companies in Canada need to provide workers with a secure environment.

They are also required to set up systems which offer protection to employees who are working at height. Furthermore, all employees should be provided with protective gear and equipment.

Employers are also required to offer proper training to employees regarding the hazards in the workplace. Moreover, they should also give employees the freedom to raise objections regarding safety standards in the workplace.

It’s Good Business

Ensuring employee safety is just good business especially when you consider the cost of workplace injury. Not only will the employer need to pay for the employee’s medical treatment, but they will also have to look for a suitable replacement.

Injuries will also slow down the production process and lead to a loss in productivity. The company will also have to answer to government authorities about why failed to provide a safe working environment.

They might be charged fines. Even worse is the fact that it will affect the perception of the company in the eyes of the general public.

Offering fall protection training also prevents litigation and insurance claims in the future. If an injured worker files a compensation claim against the company, the management can hold up on its own in court by saying that they follow health and safety procedures and have a fall protection system in place.

Increased productivity

Employees who feel safe while they are working tend to be more productive. Since they know they are safe, their focus is only on the task at hand.

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