Accidents can happen anywhere, in your home, workplace, or in public locations. Having adequate first aid knowledge enables you to assist an injured person in the event of an emergency situation until help arrives.

Learning first aid practice should be extended throughout your family, colleagues, and the rest of the community.

Here are some main reasons why you require basic first aid knowledge.

Help People in Need

According to a study, around 88% of cardiac arrests happens at home. In case of an emergency situation, you can put your first aid training to test and perhaps even save that person’s life before help arrives. Get first aid training in British Columbia from Metro Safety’s advanced First aid courses.

A Fast Response Helps

Some injuries require a fast response.

Here are some common injuries that require first aid training and quick response.

  • Burns: Burns causes intense bleeding and blistering of the skin. You can minimize it by running cool water onto the affected area. If the burning is severe then try taking the injured person to a medical facility immediately instead of trying to treat it at home.
  • Scrapes: Minor cuts and scrapes cause bleeding which can be stopped or minimized by applying pressure or ice to it. However, if the cut is serious, take the patient to a medical facility for stitches.
  • Fractures: In case someone breaks a bone, try to immobilize the area so the broken bone does not impact nerves and arteries causing more damage.

According to a survey, around 45% of cardiac arrest victim survived when CPR was administered through a bystander. Thus, a quick response in the time of an emergency is always beneficial.

By knowing the basics of first aid treatment procedures, you can reduce the patient’s discomfort by simply helping them with their scraped knee or elbow. Your training and calm attitude can help relieve the patient’s anxiety towards the injury.

Metro Safety offers First aid training in British Columbia, Canada. Our experts have over 10 years of experience in providing comprehensive first aid training courses and CPR programs. Call us today for further information.