Workplace emergencies are unpredicted and can cost the company in manpower and resources. Every company should be capable enough to manage and respond to these emergencies in an effective manner. A well thought out emergency plan is essential to safeguard your workplace.

An emergency plan is nothing without training. Any damage to the company or to its employees will result in a loss of money, skill, time, and increase in insurance premiums and court procedures.

You can deal with these with emergency response training. Here are other reasons why it’s important:

Reduces Accidents in the Workplace:

Emergency Training Courses helps your employees deal with emergency situations effectively and strategically. They can be more mindful of their surroundings on a day to day basis, preventing the occurrence of injury or illness.

Emergency Response Training can give them a skillset to handle emergency equipment such as fire hose reels, blankets, fire extinguishers, etc., helping them act proactively to take control of the situation.

Training is a Long-Term Investment In Employees

When you have your employees trained for emergency response, you tell them that their safety is important to the company. These trainings will be useful in the long run, helping you save resources and retain employees.

Legal Compliance & Good Reputation for Your Company 

According to the Emergency Program Act, British Columbia, Emergency Response Trainings are mandatory in all workplaces of the province. All the companies are legally bound to conduct regular emergency training sessions.

Apart from meeting the state requirement, Emergency Response Training also creates a positive brand image for the company.

Recovery & Reconstruction 

We know that dealing with and coming out of a chaotic situation can be overwhelming. But we need to be mindful of how we’re dealing with an emergency situation and the kind of impact it will have.

Recovery and reconstruction of the place and of your employees’ motivation is equally important. These kinds of responses will only come through after thorough Emergency Training.

Different sectors and different workplaces require different forms of emergency responses. At Metro Safety, we make sure to provide you with the training that your workplace needs.

We structure our trainings once you tell us what you require in terms of the kind of emergencies you have faced in the past or might face in the future. Check out objectives and learning outcomes of our BC Workplace Safety Courses.

You can get in touch with us to book a training session.