Having someone who can check up on you every once in a while is great for your safety and mental wellbeing.

Workplace buddy systems work great because both partners ensure the security of the other during emergencies and hazardous situations.

Working in an isolated environment poses enormous risks. However, having a buddy who you can fall back on or someone who can check up on you can be a significant step toward ensuring safety.

At an organizational level, establishing a buddy system becomes instrumental because of the mentor and mentee bonds that the two people often develop. This reduces the cost of training and bolsters safety—although a company should still take every action it can to ensure the latter.

The following are some reasons why you should implement a buddy system in your workplace:

Builds Strong Relationships Between Co-Workers

The buddy system instills a sense of care and belonging among co-workers. It reminds them that at least one person will check up on them if things go south while at work. Building a support system in the form of a buddy system can also lead to job satisfaction and increased productivity.

Welcoming New Employees

Not every new employee will feel at ease immediately. They will need support and acquaintances to integrate themselves. Providing them with a buddy who’s been in the company for a considerable period of time can prove to be beneficial in the long-term, and makes it much more likely that they’ll stick around.

Develop Confidence

Your employees are more likely to be productive, creative, and innovative if they know that there’s someone who they can share their ideas with before presenting them to supervisors. When you have someone validating your efforts, and guiding you in the right direction, you’re a lot more likely to be confident.

When pairing new employees with old employees, you have to be careful however. You need to ensure that the old employees won’t exercise their superiority over the new employees and will treat them as an equal.

Addressing Emergencies

Emergency response can be quicker if there’s someone who’s looking out for workers at all times. If a worker is working all alone, if something unfortunate happens to them, they could be left alone for hours on end with no way to communicate. A buddy will ensure that their partner’s safety isn’t compromised.

This can also prove to be beneficial in emergencies and evacuations.

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