As the years go by, occupational injuries and fatalities keep on increasing in Canada. Each year, hundreds—if not thousands—of lives are sacrificed due to bare minimum work safety standards.

The construction industry reports the highest number of on-site deaths every year, largely due to the high risks involved. Due to the nature of the work, many construction workers are experience broken bones, burns, fractures, cuts, electrocution, amputation, and exposure to hazardous machinery.

To reduce the number of deaths that occur in the construction sector, industrial experts need to equip on-site workers with knowledge of first aid. It is also important for companies in this sector to devise a holistic emergency response program.

The following are some reasons why first aid training is essential for construction workers:

Devise Industry Tailored Emergency Response

The construction industry is a central part of the Canadian economy. As a result, it cannot afford downtime.

While minor injuries are relatively common and non-life threatening, an emergency can lead to extensive downtime. Emergency response training will train your workers and other team members to prepare for the worst, so they know how to respond.

A professional first aid professional will devise their first aid training according to the needs, requirements, and scenarios of a construction company. They can equip your workers with the knowledge of first aid and emergency response techniques they need during real-life events.

Understanding The Potential Hazards Of Each Task

A first aid response training will also give your workers tips and strategies to assess the risk of each task. This can help them take adequate safety measures before performing their work for the day.

Understanding the kind of situation they’re dealing with and the risks involved will not only help your workers in taking precautions but will also help them to take every step in the safest manner possible.

Provision Of The Safety Equipment

Before first aid training, you might not have been aware of what you need to have in your first aid and emergency response kit. The absence of such equipment makes the task of navigating emergencies much more complicated—which can lead to fatalities.

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