Many large companies provide health and workplace safety to their employees. However, proper first aid and CPR training—as per the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation guidelines—is often overlooked. These trainings are extremely crucial to the safety and wellbeing of employees despite the differences in the nature of work and job responsibilities. Whether they work on a construction site, a manufacturing plant or a typical office space, every employer can benefit from first aid training in their workplace.

Here are some important reasons why first aid training is essential for workplace safety in every organization.

Importance of First Aid Training for Employees & Employers

Protects Lives

First aid training makes your staff confident and capable enough to deal with emergency situations like workplace injuries. Training to respond to such situations enables them to provide basic medical treatment or CPR, in case a fellow employee has a stroke or other medical emergency. According to the CDC, individuals having a cardiac arrest are two to three times more likely to survive if they are provided CPR.

Employees Will Know What’s Needed in the Kit


First aid training doesn’t just enable employees to stay calm in emergency situations, but they also learn what needs to be kept in the first aid kit available in their workplace. It further teaches them how to use all the equipment in the kit.

Creates a Positive Work Environment

Providing first aid training gives an impression to all the employees that their employers care about their wellbeing and safety. This leads to an overall positive environment in the workplace and increased levels of workforce productivity. Employers can even convey first aid training sessions as team building activities to their employees. This will boost their interest in the training sessions and their morale while working.

Reduce Accidents in the Workplace

Employees become more mindful of their safety and the protection of their peers after receiving first aid training. They are more aware of potential hazards that may potentially result in an accident.

At Metro Safety Training, we provide Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 of occupational first aid training based on the Health and Safety Laws in British Columbia. Our range of first aid and workplace safety courses offer hands-on experience to make sure every employee can deal with emergency situations competently. We also offer training renewals and recertification, along with forklift training and fall protection inspection training in BC. To learn more about our first aid training courses, contact us today or give us a call at 604-521-4227!