Do you know what to do if you’ve just pulled a drowning, unconscious man out of the water? Or what to do if your child accidentally consumes something poisonous?

First aid training teaches you the necessary steps to take in case of accidents and emergencies. These are critical steps to help the injured and sick before professional medical care arrives.

About 18% of the population in Canada say that they’ve received emergency first aid training, with over 40% saying that they needed to use first aid but didn’t know how to administer it.

The following reasons show what benefits the Canadian Red Cross’s first aid emergency course can have on the people around you.

1.    Saving Lives

In the event of accidents, every second count—it could be the difference between life and death if you’re aware of the first aid techniques necessary in such a situation.

If emergency aid is delivered at the right time, it can improve a patient’s recovery time too. An excellent example is a human brain; a brain can cope for less than 5 minutes before it starts deterioration due to lack of oxygen. Administering emergency first aid at the right time can help a person gain consciousness and save their life.

2. Awareness and Safety

If you learn about first aid, you’re more likely to identify potential hazards around you. This will allow you to warn your colleagues or your loved ones well in advance to prevent.

3. Communication with emergency services

While administering first aid on a person who’s in a critical condition, you can convey critical information to emergency medical services to help a patient receive effective treatment.

4. Reduce unnecessary hospital visits

Every accident needs emergency medical attention, but every patient doesn’t have to end up in the hospital. Minor injuries like bruises, cuts, or sprained ankles can be treated with proper bandaging or an ice pack.

Having first aid training helps you judge whether someone needs emergency paramedic attention, a general physician, or a visit to the hospital.

Canadian Red Cross emergency first aid course prepares citizens for emergencies.

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