First aid is crucial and makes a difference between life and death in emergencies. It’s not about saving lives either; immediate action in these situations can also prevent long term disabilities.

However, in order to properly administer first aid, you need training. We at Metro Safety can help. Take a look at some of the basic procedures you will learn in our first aid courses:

First Aid for Cardiac Arrest

CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is one of the most important medical procedures there is. It’s especially useful in case you are dealing with a patient who is suffering from cardiac arrest.

The procedure has changed over the years therefore it’s a good idea to take courses in order to learn this skill. Some of the basics that you need to know include chest compressions and rescue breathing.

Just make sure that you never delay chest compressions in case you are dealing with a person suffering from cardiac arrests.

First Aid for Bleeding

No matter how severe the injury, with the right steps, any kind of bleeding can be controlled. Mild bleeding usually stops on its own however that’s not the case with severe bleeding. In fact, if it’s not stopped, the person can even die.

In case of bleeding, the first aider will have to cover the wound with a gauze pad and apply pressure to reduce blood flow. You can also apply additional layers if the wound is too deep.

First Aid for Burns

In case of a burn, the first thing that you will have to do is clean off the chemicals from the wound. You will also need to turn off electricity and reduce the heat with cool water. Sunburn victims will be required to stay indoors for some time and stay covered.

The severity of the burn will also depend on multiple factors which include depth and severity of the wounds. It’s also better to consult a doctor is the burn is too severe.

Make sure you don’t apply ointment to the burn since it only causes more pain. Also make sure that you don’t break off any blisters that have formed on the skin. You can take pain killers and ibuprofen for instant pain relief.

Again in order to properly administer first aid, you need to undergo proper training and this is where we come in. Get in touch with us. We offer multiple workplace safety courses that can help you deal with emergencies. Contact us at 604-521-4227 for details.