For most people, their hands are the most commonly used part of their bodies while they’re at work. They are used to perform both the simplest and most complex of tasks. However, employers and employees alike are guilty of underestimating the importance of hand safety.

According to the Canadian government, hand injuries are the most common type of injury in the workplace, with nearly 500,000 people injuring their hands at least once every year. This puts into question the current safety standards in most workplaces as the number of injuries has remained constant over the years.

Hand injuries such as crushes and fractures often require months of healing time and physical therapy, which can be an exhausting experience for an individual. In this blog, we’ll look at ways to prevent hand injuries at work and create a safer work environment!

Employers should provide protective equipment

Even though there’s a strict policy in place that safeguards the rights of employees and their safety, too often have there been cases where workers suffered injuries that could have been avoided if they had the proper equipment on.

The type of personal protective equipment varies from industry to industry, and it’s vital that employers only provide the equipment that provides suitable protection to their workers. Therefore, employers must take into account factors such as comfort, thermal protection, and size when deciding which types of gloves should be standard in their workplace.

Employers should educate employees

It should be common practice for employers to provide adequate information about on-site equipment and machinery. Ideally, this should include informing employees about the importance of taking adequate safety measures and wearing protective equipment at all times.

We’ve seen that the safest worksites list safety tips all over the worksite and highlight potential areas that a worker needs to be particularly mindful of. It’s also vital that employers discourage the unnecessary use of electronics and other distractions on the worksite as they may impact the safety of the employee.


Employers should encourage communication

One of the major characteristics of a great work environment is one where workers feel like they can open a dialogue with their employers whenever they want. Ideally, employees should feel comfortable enough to discuss with their employer about any potential safety hazards or any safety measures they feel should be implemented. This addresses the root of the problem and begins the process of developing a safer workplace where hand injuries or otherwise are rare occurrences.

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