Winter’s almost here and you might be getting ready for the holiday season, but don’t forget that there’s no time to chill when it comes to winter safety.

With record breaking low temperatures recorded in four provinces of Canada last winters, it’s expected to get worse this time around.

This means that some parts of Canada are colder than the temperature on Mars. And it’s no secret that winter is the month where we become more vulnerable to sustaining injuries.

Believe it or not, there are still business owners who consider winter workplace safety to be just about a functioning heating system.

Even though good heating may be a part of workplace safety during winters, it is important to educate employees on staying safe when they’re outdoors.

Here are a few ways you can educate them about safety and keep them safe from mishaps:

Store Basic Supplies

Unfortunately, you never know when there will be a hailstorm or blizzard as weather varies dramatically in different parts of Canada. If you live in a province like Alberta, Quebec, or Saskatchewan, you know how bad the weather can get.

Make sure to store basic supplies in the office like shovels, scrapers, and food that won’t spoil (biscuits, crackers, chocolate bars, protein bars etc.)

Make sure you have a backup generator in case there are power outages.

Clear the Snow As Soon as Possible

First aid training

Make sure to clear the snow outside as soon as possible so employees can go home safely. This will also be extremely beneficial for disabled employees who are more vulnerable to injuries during winters.

Clearing snow as soon as possible will also prevent fires because the snow can cause a short circuit.

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Recommend Safety Shoes

Educate your employees about safety during winters by encouraging them to wear special safety shoes. Instead of high ankle support and low treads, encourage them to wear ice and snow traction cleats.

This will help them keep their balance and reduce risks of slips and falls.

Teach them the Proper Way to “Fall”

Train them on ways to safely land when falling. Relaxing our muscles when we fall reduces impact and chances of serious injuries.

Offer First Aid Training

In case of emergencies, it’s imperative that your team knows what to do. Everyone in the workplace should have basic first aid training. This will not only save lives them but also enable your employees to protect themselves and those around them.

With a certified and licensed team of first aid training specialists, Metro Safety Training offers first aid training courses in Coquitlam, BC.

Some of our first aid courses include Forklift Training, Fall Protection, Confined Space Safety Protection, etc.

Feel free to contact us and make your workplace better and safer!