On your road to success, the only thing that can hold you back is a crash! Jokes aside, road accidents can actually put a damper in yours and your loved ones’ lives. It’s especially a point of concern in Canada, where road accidents are fuelled by common weather.

In fact, it’s estimated that, every year, around 160,000 road accidents happen in Canada. And sadly, this number increases by 3 to 4 percent during the winter months of December and January.

Therefore, road safety is of extreme importance to ensure healthy and safe living.

Think of Your Loved Ones

You might have come alone into this world and you might exit it alone as well, but the time spent here is shared with people who love and care for you. More importantly, it’s shared by people who are dependent on you!

When you make the decision of buckling your seatbelt in or wearing a helmet, it’s a sign that you care. It’s not just your personal survival that’s at risk, but also the happiness and attachments of your family and friends. So next time you get on the road, think of the smiling faces of people who love you and how that smile would shatter should anything happen to you.

Setting an Example

If you’ve ever been around tiny humans, you would know that children are imitative creatures. They observe your actions and learn from them. So if you forego wearing seatbelts or are on your phone while driving, they’ll end up copying you in the future.

phone while driving

It might seem inconsequential now, but it slowly but surely conditions them into following the example that you set for them. And given that almost 6% of car crashes are a result of negligence on the driver’s part, it’s high time you correct your ways and set a good example for your children.

Think of the Greater Good

Being cautious on the road doesn’t just positively impact you and your loved ones; in fact, it proves beneficial to the whole community. Given that of all road accidents, 22.7% involve one irresponsible driver crashing into another car, just one person being more responsible can break the cycle.

Road safety isn’t just essential for drivers and pedestrians; it’s just as crucial for the hard-working people who enforce road safety. To all those hardworking traffic control personnel, we value you and your safety and that’s why we offer standardized traffic control person training across British Columbia. So contact us now to book an occupational safety training class with us this week!