Trauma isn’t just physical; it can be emotional as well. From debilitating life events that trigger PTSD to anxiety attacks, the psychological impacts of a traumatic incident make it difficult for affected people to go back to their regular lives.

But with increasing awareness about mental health issues, many have begun to discuss the importance of providing timely psychological support to those in need.

Want to know how training in psychological first aid can help those around you? Here’s how!

What Exactly Is Psychological First Aid (PFA)?

Psychological first aid (PFA) involves providing psychosocial and emotional support to those affected by traumatic events. It’s designed to accomplish three key things. First, it’s supposed to prevent the symptoms of stress from worsening. Second, it aims to alleviate that stress. Lastly, it’s meant to help those affected get the care they need.  Keep in mind, PFA isn’t something that only medical professionals can administer. Just about anyone can train to provide psychosocial support to people around them who need it.

The Importance of Learning Psychological First Aid

The Importance of Learning Psychological First Aid (PFA)

PFA has a multitude of benefits for people undergoing or recovering from a traumatic event. It:

  • Create a sense of hope: Traumatic events can take a massive toll on your loved ones. They can make them feel hopeless and grim.But with proper PFA training, you’ll be able to approach the painful incident tactfully. Instead of exacerbating the problem, you’ll be in a position to make them see that they can get through it. You’ll also be able to discuss the next steps for them to take in a practical manner.
  • Foster feelings of safety:Traumatic incidents can make those affected feel unsafe and uncomfortable. But when you’re well-trained in PFA, you’re able to effectively communicate that the danger is over. This can help them see that the worst is in the past, and that they can begin the journey toward recovery.
  • Achieve a sense of calm: PFA training teaches you the correct way of reacting to natural or personal crises. With your skills, you’ll be able to respond in a calm manner to any stressful situation and make the person feel calm and composed. For instance, if someone is unable to calm themselves, you’ll have the know-how to relax them using simple counting or breathing exercises.

Psychological first aid, just like physical first aid is a crucial life-saving skill. If you’re looking to get trained in emergency first aid in British Columbia, get in touch with Metro Safety. We’ve been providing certified first aid training courses to individuals since 2008.

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