Safety means first aid to the uninjured”

According to the Canadian Paediatric Society, majority of child and youth injuries are preventable.

According to a 2008 report by the World Health Organization, about 950,000 children aged 17 and under were killed by an injury in 2004, and 87% of these were due to unintentional and potentially preventable causes.

The report describes this as “neglected disease of modern society”, “invisible epidemic”, and “the principal public health problem in (North) America today”.

Taking a basic first-aid training course is beneficial especially if you have got young ones of your own or you deal with children. Why? There are many benefits, the first and most important that you will be in a better position to help your children!

People might be good at their parenting jobs but many are mostly ignorant about the proper course of action in an emergency. A basic first aid training course teaches parents how to handle critical situations!

It will also:

Provide Targeted Training

Kids and adults are different when it comes to providing first aid. Your children require a more targeted care when it comes to first aid. Choosing a basic program will provide all the tools as wells options to expand your knowledge.

Paediatric first aid training is a course designed for the care of children in emergency situations. By taking this specific course, parents learn proper techniques when offering medical assistance.

Offer Immediate Response

Your area’s emergency response time might be the best, yet you will still have to wait a few minutes at least until medical help arrives.

Now imagine, your child is involved in an accident and is unconscious, choking or otherwise in need of medical assistance ASAP.

You will be able to help your child get through these long minutes, assisting in the proper manner until paramedics arrive on the scene. Knowing what to do in an emergency situation makes all the difference between life and death!

Spot Potential Hazards

Do you know how to spot and eliminate possible hazards before your child gets injured because of them? There are a lot of injury hazards around the home that we don’t even pay attention to.

For instance, crawling toddlers might climb down the stairs without your help or knowledge. This poses a falling risk and injury! Knowing how you can prevent your child from using the stairs will help decrease the odds of injury.

This will only happen when parents are well-versed in first aid training. You’ll know some common medical emergencies and how to address them but you’ll also spot risks around the home.

Most parents make their home a safer abode for child and parent after knowing the safety issues around their home.

Be a good parent for your child and get emergency first aid training from MetroSafety starting from today!