Think of your body as one machine and different areas of your body as systems that make the machine work. Even if one part of a machine is dysfunctional, the whole system fails to operate. That’s exactly what happens with our minds when we’re physically unwell.

Physical injuries can take a toll on your mental health as well. Even though the two don’t necessarily seem correlated, they have an intrinsic relation which makes them inter-dependent.

If you want to keep your sanity intact while recovering from physical injuries, there are innumerable measures you can take. Here are a few ways to help you better deal with physical injuries and mental impact.

Rest and Recovery Is Also A Form Of Productivity

Deviating from your normal routine or taking time off from a busy schedule can make you feel unsettled. Everyone strives to be normal by sticking to a regimen which guarantees that all their bodily functions and mental faculties are fully functional. Failure to follow that results in depressive episodes, anxiety and stress.

A physical injury can come in the way of your work life and halt your routine activities. An injury as simple as a twisted ankle or a knee fracture can limit movement or make you homebound. Patients tend to beat themselves about wasting time lying in bed or for being unproductive. It’s important to stay mindful of the fact that recovery is also a productive exercise because it leads to a fruitful outcome.

Utilize Things That You Can Control

Sometimes an injury is what it takes to buy you some time for self care from your busy routine. Otherwise no one wants to take unpaid holidays to rest their minds at home.

Irrespective of how severe the injury is, there’s always something that you’re able to perform unless you’re hospitalized in Intensive Care. If you have fractured a bone or a dislocated shoulder joint, you can still read and write. The aim is to channel all your energy towards achieving something with a positive attitude.

fractured a bone

During your week-long rest, you can catch up on the half-read book that has been lying there on your bedside table. Or you can give your writing another shot and see if solitude helps bring you out of writer’s block! The internet, newspapers, and art supplies can also be utilized to do something better than just count the hours.


If your injury has completely decapacitated you, you still have a functional brain which is the powerhouse of your entire system! Think of this condition as a rare opportunity to be alone with your thoughts.

It’s hard to find time during work days to just sit and meditate. But once you’re on bed rest, you’ll have no option but to do this. Begin by becoming more aware of your own breathing and channel all your negativities out of your system by exhaling.

You won’t get it right in the first go, so be patient. If you’re down for good, you’ll have ample time to practice meditation until you get it right. The results will be mind-boggling!

Since nothing in today’s world works without technology, you can us apps that help you meditate. Some examples are Headspace and Pacifica.

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