While at a younger age you may quickly recover from a fall, your elderly is more prone to sustain serious injuries. They’re more likely to experience falls because of degraded senses and disorientation.

Falls are the leading cause of injuries in the elderly in Canada .The aging process renders the bones and muscles weak, making them susceptible to break and bruise during a fall.

Here are a few tips to deal with a fall for both the elderly and the young.

Tips For The Elderly

  • If the senior you’re caring for experiences a fall, before helping them up, evaluate the injury (if any). Ask if they experience pain anywhere.
  • If you see head injuries or feel that your senior is having a stroke, contact emergency services immediately. They will guide you in performing first aid. If you have an elderly at home, you could enlist for first aid training courses to help deal with these situations better.
  • In case of fractured bone, ice the area until you have medical help available.
  • If you see no injuries, and your elderly is able, help them onto a chair by carefully lifting them up from behind.
  • It is important to know the reason of the fall. Ask your senior if they feel dizzy as it can indicate a medicine overdose or other underlying health issue.

Tips For Youngsters And Adults

  • If you’ve experienced a serious fall, consult a doctor to get a proper examination. You may require surgery and medications according to the intensity of your injury.
  • Follow your doctor’s prescription and be regular with your appointments.
  • To aid in recovery, sleep well and eat healthy. Proper sleep rejuvenates the body and is essential in fighting infections.
  • In some cases, your medical healthcare provider will advise you to get physiotherapy to restore motion and stability in your body.
  • Many people who suffer from slip and falls experience extreme psychological stress, especially if the fall results in impairment of any sort. Visiting a psychiatrist will help you in alleviating feelings of anxiety.
  • After an injury, keep extreme physical activities limited.

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