Accidents can occur at any time. In 2015, 852 workers died due to work related injuries.  It is the responsibility of the employers to make sure that take measures to prevent this from happening.

First aid training can help. Here is what the law in British Columbia, Canada has to say about first aid training:

First Aid

First aid refers immediate medical care. It can make a huge difference by minimizing injury and in some cases, can help save a life.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, it is mandatory for employers to provide first aid in the work place. First aid training in the workplace depends on certain factors, which include:

  • The number of people who are working in the office
  • How close the office is to a hospital
  • What kind of work the employees do in the office

The Responsibilities Of First Aid Attendees

The first aid attendees have certain responsibilities, which include:

  • Immediately providing the care that the injured individual needs as soon as the accident occurs
  • Making sure that they record all the symptoms and the signs of the injuries that the person has sustained. This also includes keeping a record of the harmful substances that the person has been exposed to
  • In case the person is seriously injured and first aid is not enough, it is the responsibility of the first aid attendee to immediately seek medical assistance
  • Employers also need to make sure that the person they hire as a first aid attendee is someone who is mentally and physically capable of providing aid to the injured party
  • The first aid attendee is also responsible for handling the injured person until the medical personnel arrives to take them away.


First aid kit

It is essential that all workplaces keep a first aid kit. Employers can get in touch with the relevant ministry to get an idea about the materials that are available for purchase.


The law also requires companies to maintain records of all the incidents that have occurred in the past three years. Only relevant personnel should have access to these records. Employees can get request for a copy of their own record.

A safe and secure work environment can be a source of motivation for the employees within the firm. Get in touch with us. We provide first aid training courses. We have a team that is committed towards ensuring that you stay safe and healthy.

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