When it comes to helping the most vulnerable, Canadian Red Cross works on 7 fundamental principles, which include, humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality. However, for the upkeep of these fundamentals, the organization has come up with laws and regulation that every Canadian, wishing to indulge in Red Cross life support training, should know and abide by.

Geneva Conventions Act

The Geneva Conventions are the building blocks of the International Humanitarian Law. This act helps the Geneva Conventions integrate with Canadian Law. The Geneva Conventions clear state that no individual or organization can use the emblem of Red Cross, unless they fall in the following categories:

The Canadian Red Cross Society Act

Passed in 1909, by the Canadian government, The Canadian Red Cross Society Act not only protects the Red Cross emblem under the Geneva Conventions but also provides the organization with a legal status in the society.

In fact, Section 4(2) of the Act prohibits anyone (individuals or organizations) from using the Red Cross emblem if they aren’t certified by the Red Cross Society of their country.

This is to ensure that nobody misuses the emblem or name of the organization to make false claims about providing Red Cross Life Support Training without proper authorization.

Training Partners

Training Partners

Every year, more that 1.5 million Canadians receive Red Cross life support training via Training Partners. These partners have to fill a form, like this one along with extensive instructor training to gain authorization to the Red Cross life support training outsourcing. Without authorized training certifications, no individual or agency can claim affiliations with the Canadian Red Cross.

Moreover, there’s a two-part Red Cross Training partner agreement that each training partner has to sign to be authorized to give Red Cross life support training courses:

Terms and Conditions Part 1

Terms and Conditions Part 2

The Red Cross society takes safety training very seriously and as a Training Partner, we at Metro Safety Training consider it our duty to abide by the regulations they have set for us! We’re an authorized Canadian Red Cross partner and provide Red Cross Life support training and occupational first aid courses across British Columbia so that you can learn basic CPR and first aid from people who have learnt it from the best!