Factories can be a dangerous place for workers if safety measures aren’t followed. Of all the hazards at the workplace, eye injuries are the most common of them all. This is usually the result of radiation and bright sources of light when welding a metal.

In Canada, around 200 people get an eye injury while at work. Some of these injuries can be extremely harmful and can cause permanent blindness. However, with proper care and protection, 90% of these hazards can be avoided.

Safety training and instructions are crucial for every workplace, especially for factories. Here are some important guidelines that can help you protect your eyes while working in a factory.

Wear Safety Glasses:

Wear Safety Glasses

One of the easiest ways to protect your eyes is by wearing safety glasses. They shield your eyes from small particles and impact radiation. In fact, they’re absolutely essential when welding. The level of protection provided depends on the density of the filter lenses. For maximum protection, select the darkest shade of lenses. Make sure your glasses meet all work standards and certifications before using them.

Don’t Forget The Helmet:

A helmet provides protection to not only to your eyes but also to your face and head. It helps you avoid the vision-damaging harmful rays from welding arcs and stick welding. A helmet is most functional when it meets all safety standards. It should be paired with safety glasses for maximum protection.

A helmet provides protection

Make Use Of A Face Shield:

Face shields create a transparent barrier between your face and harmful elements. They are usually worn while performing critical procedures. They offer high impact protection and come with a filter to stop harmful rays from penetration into your eyes. The filter will enhance the strength of your shield protecting the workers from sparks and debris.

Face Shield

Use Proper Lighting:

This is a common mistake and is often neglected by workers. Proper lighting is crucial for performing any task. A lack of lighting will cause eye strain affecting your vision. It can also result in glare on your computer screen. This glare and can result in weak eyesight. Therefore, use proper lighting. In case of unnecessary external light, use window blinds to avoid glare.

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