In Canada, a total of 1,408 cyclists died in fatal crashes from 1994 to 2012. While wearing a helmet won’t reduce the chances of an accident from taking place, it can reduce your chances of suffering from a fatal head injury.

Preventative measures are always less painful than dealing with a trauma due to negligence. Here’s why you should never ride your bike without a helmet on.

Protection From Head Injuries

The most important aspect of wearing a helmet is protection from head injuries.  Head injuries can be serious and may cause terminal damage to your skull and spine.

While buying a helmet, make sure that it’s specifically designed for bikes. These are fitted with sufficient padding to prevent damage from crashes and falls. When trying a helmet on, make sure it fits properly, leaving a two-finger gap between the helmet and your eyes.

Protection From Weather

If you mostly commute by bike, wearing a helmet will help prevent weather damage to your face and hair. It can ward off the Sun’s UV rays and protect from snow.

How To Reduce Bicycle Accidents

Not wearing protective gear and speeding are among the leading causes of bicycle injuries among children. You can reduce your chances of a bike accident by following these tips.

  • Use a bicycle that is appropriate for your age. Choosing a bicycle that’s too big or small for you can lead to mishandling, increasing the risk of an accident.
  • Ensure wearing a helmet while riding.
  • Make sure your bike is in proper working condition before riding.
  • Before you head on to public roads with heavy traffic, make sure you are properly trained. Get proper knowledge about the traffic rules and regulations beforehand. Be careful around bumpy surfaces and obstacles on the road.
  • Ride in areas that are properly lit. Attach reflective strips to your bike or clothing, to make yourself visible to others.
  • Practice safe bicyclist habits such as not riding while you’re drunk or maintaining the proper speed while you’re on the road.
  • Obey the traffic rules and lights.
  • Be cautious of opening doors when riding around cars.
  • Get first aid training to help deal with minor falls, cuts and bleeds effectively.

It is essential to pursue healthy activities like cycling. However, ensure wearing proper safety gear to prevent excessive damage from accidents. In order to deal with injuries from accidents, having emergency first aid training would be beneficial. Call us at 604-521-4227 or contact us online to register in our classes conducted by highly trained professionals in Coquitlam, BC.